Red Zone: NYSC’s Boutique Fitness Studio

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You’ve heard of New York Sports Club. It’s a world-renowned gym, well, the Sports Club part is anyway 😉 But did you know that NYSC now has their very own boutique fitness studio?!

Crunch has brought us Sweatshed, and Equinox has brought us Project By Equinox (more on that to come in a different post). Well, NYSC welcomes: Red Zone. And yes, it’s as scary as it sounds. But if classes like Fhitting Room and Tonehouse are how you like to get your sweat on, keep reading…

Red Zone is NYSC’s new boutique fitness studio, located at the NYSC Flagship Club (4 Astor Place). To celebrate their grand opening, NYSC is offering a variety of classes at the Red Zone..FOR FREE ! Head on over to the website here, click on upcoming classes, and wherever you see “RZ” or “Red Zone” listed, you can sign up for class, free of charge.

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This week, I got to try out Jess Glazer‘s “Boost” Class. Boost is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. You’ll go through a series of exercises, that are quick and fast paced, followed by quick (very quick) bouts of recovery. You’ll come across all the moves you know and love: burpees, box jumps, bearcrawls, etc. But it’s quick, so you HAVE to give it your all.  Jess was super encouraging, keeping an eye on everyone’s form, and letting us know when we had 10 seconds left in a move, which meant, yes, you can do mountain climbers for just 10 more seconds. She had faith in us. I would STRONGLY recommend taking her class. You can view her schedule here 🙂

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In addition to the Boost class, Red Zone also offers a Pump class and Core class. Pump is a strength workout and core is well, a core workout 😉 But don’t expect to be doing crunches and planks for an hour, because that’s super boring, right? In the Core class, you’ll work through a variety of body weight exercises like squats and deadlifts, because, hey, we use our core for everything. In the Pump class, you can expect to lift heavier and harder than you have before. You’ll leave class feeling stronger, and well, fully equipped to carry home those heavy grocery bags on your next food haul. Can I get a “pump, pump, pump it up?!” 😉


To reserve the Red Zone free demo classes, you will need to create an account, or if you’re a NYSC member, you’ll log in with the account you already have. You may be asked to enter in credit card info when reserving the class, but since the class is free, don’t worry, you won’t be charged anything. Just make sure you see that $0.00 at the top 🙂 The Red Zone demo classes are open to both members and non-members.

red zone workout
Photo Courtesy of Well + Good

The NYSC Red Zone space is in collaboration with Cyc Fitness (which is located downstairs). The gym is beautiful, and the locker rooms are beautiful as well, but just a side note: make sure to bring a lock because the lockers are not self-locking. I want to make sure you come for class fully prepared 🙂 All that’s left to do is…

Reserve your free class here, click on upcoming classes, and get ready to enter the Red Zone 🙂 This free offer won’t last forever so get in the zone while you still can.

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