NYSC Goes Boutique Fitness

nysc lab .jpgYou may already know about the brand new boutique fitness studio located on the Upper East Side, that is home to BFX, Cyc, and Tonehouse. Yes, all 3. A beautiful trifecta.

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Cyc and Tonehouse have been open for a few months now, and BFX is ready to join them, but with a brand new name. The famous, New York Sports Club, created their very own boutique fitness class called NYSC Lab and joined forces with the former BFX studio, giving us the chance to take more of our favorite HIIT classes. The best part? To celebrate their grand opening, they’re offering FREE classes πŸ™‚

Now through Sunday, August 13th, you can take free classes at NYSC Lab UES. To reserve your class, simply call the UES studio at 212-232-0050. When you call, just let them know the class and time you are looking to book and they’ll get you set up, free of cost. The studio is located at 1231 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021, on the corner of 71st St.

NYSC Lab 2.jpg

NYSC Lab includes a variety of classes such as, Burn, Build, Stoked 360 (yes, Kira Stokes‘ class) and BFX Row. All the great classes you’re used to seeing at BFX Studio. You can view the class descriptions and schedule here. Just make sure you’re looking at the 3rd Ave/UES classes, those are the free ones πŸ™‚ And make sure to pick from the NYSC Lab/BFX classes, not the Cyc or Tonehouse ones. Althoughhhh, if you are new to Tonehouse, you can take class at the UES studio, for free, on Saturdays at 1:30 PM throughout the summer. Sign up here.

Photo Courtesy of AM New York

Anyway, back to NYSC Lab…These classes are all about HIITing it. Each class will vary slightly but in all of them, you’ll experience those quick, all out bursts, followed by very quick bouts of recovery. So if HIIT workouts are your thing, definitely check out these free classes while they’re available. Plus, you’ll find motivating messages (like the one below) around the studio, so when you’re feeling like you can’t complete those last few burpees, you’ll be encouraged to πŸ™‚


This week, I had the pleasure (I call it that now, but not so much at the time), of taking Roberto Olvera‘s class. The workout included TRX segments, cardio bursts and core exercises. It was a complete total body workout. Roberto taught a tough class, but at the same time, was encouraging, and might I add, funny, and the class went by so fast (as fast as a HIIT class could). When we finished our last core exercise, I couldn’t believe it was over. I left the class feeling strong, and definitely sweaty. Safe to say I will definitely be back for more.


When you first enter the NYSC Lab location, the BFX studio is located on the top level (same as the front desk). It’s a big, open space – set up perfectly for a HIIT class. Downstairs, you’ll find the Cyc and Tonehouse studios, as well as a lounge, locker rooms, changing areas, and anything else you may need. The studio is beautiful and you can definitely tell it’s brand new.

NYSC new studio locker room

Click here to view a list of upcoming classes and remember to call the studio atΒ 212-232-0050 and they’ll hook you up with your free class. Calling is the easiest way to book your class.

Oh, and NYSC Lab, I’ll be seeing you A LOT the next 2 weeks. Thanks for opening up so close to my new apartment πŸ˜‰ Some may call that fate…





3 thoughts on “NYSC Goes Boutique Fitness

  1. These are all so helpful! I’ve recently become unemployed so while I’m looking for a job, I will be using your tips and take advantage of free classes as much as I can!


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